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Common Orthodontic Problems  


Not enough room to fit all the teeth into the jaws 

Crowding - Macomb Mi Behnan Orthodontics

  Deep Overbite

The upper front teeth almost completely cover the lower front teeth

Deep Overbite - Macomb Mi Behnan Orthodontics

 Open Bite

 The upper front teeth and the lower front teeth do not touch 

Open Bite - Macomb Mi Behnan Orthodontics 


 The upper back teeth are inward relative to the lower back teeth.  In many of these cases, the upper jaw is not wide enough 

Crossbite - Macomb Mi Behnan Orthodontics

Excess Overjet

 The upper front teeth are too far forward relative to the lower front teeth 

 Excess Overjet - Macomb Mi Behnan Orthodontics


 There to too much space between the teeth

 Spacing - Macomb Mi Behnan Orthodontics

Anterior Crossbite/ Underbite

 The upper front teeth are trapped behind the lower front teethAnterior Crossbite / Underbite Orthodontics

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